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You never want to hear that your cats are sick, but the thought of putting them through medical and dental examinations and treatments can be intimidating. A nervous cat can panic, causing scratches and bites for the veterinarian giving the treatments and you if you are holding your cat. The Purr-Muzzle for Cats is a unique tool designed to ease anxiety for you and your cats.      


The Purr-Muzzle for Cats relaxes your cat by applying specific preassure to activate a biological calming response. so that oral exams can be completed without the need for tranquilizers.

The Right Fit

Size 1:

Kittens 10-14 weeks old

Kittens 14 weeks- 6 months old

Cats 6 months- 1 year old

Cats greater than 1.5 years old and Large Breeds

Size 2:

Size 3:

Size 4:

Set of All:

Sizes 1,2,3, & 4

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