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C-Otic Medicine Applicator C-Strip Advanced Flea Trap C-Cage Pet Carrier

Ensuring fast, painless administering of medication into your pet's ear dramatically increases the cure rate for pet ear infections.


The C-Otic Ear Med Applicator is designed to deliver the appropriate dose via a dispersive spray, eliminating the need for counting drops.

The purpose of the Advanced Flea Trap is to control fleas without relying on harsh chemicals.


Designed to lure fleas and kill them quickly. Effectively eliminating the problem without potentially poisoning your pet's system!

Because of bulky pills and unpleasant-tasting liquids cause a showdown with your pet and often time incorrect dosing, The C-Strip for Meds was created! The C-Strip, is a delicious-tasting strip that quickly and easily administers medications with a much higher amount of accuracy than ever before!

Making every cat owner's vet trip a breeze will be the new C-Cage Pet Carrier....keep checking back for more details!

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